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True to Beta Theta Pi’s core value of “intellectual growth,” Betas throughout our storied past have dedicated themselves to writing about the brothers and historical events that have shaped Beta Theta Pi into the fraternity it is today. Not only have our members written for the betterment of our fraternity, but they’ve also written for the betterment of mankind in general.

Below are a few classics written about the Fraternity and her members. More books will be released in the future. You will find books written by Betas pertaining to a myriad of topics and subject matter in our Books by Betas section at

If you are an author and would like to have your published work featured in Books by Betas, please ensure that your book is readily available on, then email the link to your book – along with your name, school and graduation year – to Justin Warren. Likewise, you may also contact the Administrative Office at 800.800.2382 and leave your information with the receptionist.

The Faithful Home of the Three Stars: The First 150 Years of Beta Theta Pi

Written in 1989 by Peter J. Floriani, Lehigh ’77, “The Faithful Home of the Three Stars” is the definitive book on the history and lore of Beta Theta Pi. Jam-packed with 548 pages of interesting Beta trivia, it’s a perfect follow-up to the “Son of the Stars” pledge manual.

Beta Lore: Sentiment, Songs and Story of Beta Theta Pi

Compiled in 1928 by Mr. Beta Theta Pi himself, Francis W. Shepardson, Denison 1882/Brown 1883, “Beta Lore” showcases Beta life and Beta thought from the Fraternity’s founding through the turn of the century. The 565-page book is filled with direct Founder accounts and correspondence, hard-to-find photographs and rare songs, and it offers great insight into the evolution of the Fraternity itself. This treasure is an absolute must-have for any student of Beta history.

Inter Fratres: The Best of Seth

“Inter Fratres” is a 252-page collection of the inspiring messages of Dr. Seth R. Brooks, St. Lawrence ’22, from his “Inter Fratres” column in The Beta Theta Pi magazine 1951-1986. Chocked full of one-liners and powerful quotes about life and, yes, Beta Theta Pi, much of what Seth wrote is as relevant today as it was when he first penned his original thoughts.

Books in Print

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Books by Betas

Visit the Books by Betas section on to see the latest published works from Betas across the globe. If you are an author and you would like to have your book added, please contact Justin Warren.

Books by Betas

Son of the Stars: The Pledge Manual of Beta Theta Pi

Written by past editor of The Beta Theta Pi magazine, L.E. (Erv) Johnson, Idaho ’53, “Son of the Stars” is the official pledge manual of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. Inspired by the original version from 1939 that was written by then-Willamette University President G. Herbert Smith, DePauw ’27, this updated 264-page volume equips every new and loyal member of Beta Theta Pi with the historical underpinning of one of North America’s greatest college fraternities.