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In a year ripe with economic uncertainty amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Beta Foundation is doing its part by offering more than $170,000 in need-based, COVID-19 relief scholarships for its members! This fall, EVERY CHAPTER will receive $1,250 to distribute to the member or members (could also include pledge members) most in need of financial help for tuition-related expenses.

No formal application is necessary to receive the grant from the Beta Foundation. However, chapter members are encouraged to submit applications to their chapter’s selection committee. The chapter’s selection committee will consider members applying and determine the one to five brothers most in need. After determining those members, they will complete the survey below to submit the award winners’ names, address and contact information. (It is up to each chapter to decide the number of scholarships and scholarship amounts, but the minimum scholarship amount must be $250 per person and the maximum is $1,250. See the Selection Guidance resource for helpful tips to consider when trying to weigh greatest need.)

Exec Retreats: An additional round of scholarships have been granted by the Beta Foundation for chapters that complete an exec transition retreat through Beta's online learning center, Lessonly. You may also access the transition retreat survey below. Chapters that have successfully completed the retreat and module will unlock $1,000 to award to a member or members in the chapter (the minimum scholarship amount must be $250 per person, up to four members). Simply follow the recipient information submission links below. This scholarship opportunity runs through the fall and winter.


COVID-19 Relief Scholarship Essential Information

All undergraduate chapters of Beta Theta Pi (including newly established chapters yet to charter)

Awarded throughout the 2020-21 academic year

$1,250 per chapter; an additional $1,000 if approved (exec transition retreat)

The $1,250 grant per chapter may be split into a maximum of five $250 scholarships

The $1,000 grant unlocked by exec transition retreat may be split into four $250 scholarships


January 31, 2021 (exec retreat recipient submission)

Please contact Administrative Office staffers Zane Carlson with general questions about the scholarship program or Laura Lednik with questions on/after submitting recipient information.

Essential Links/Downloads

Submit scholarship recipient(s) information

Exec Retreat: Submit scholarship recipient(s) information

Guidance on the scholarship selection process

Frequently Asked Questions about the COVID-19 Relief Scholarships