If you’ve landed here, it’s likely because you’re getting excited for the inaugural Giving Day Challenge. Us, too!

Unfortunately, due to shifting public and organizational priorities in light of the new coronavirus, a difficult decision has been made to temporarily postpone the Challenge. Yes, the effort is largely digital in nature and wouldn’t put any participants at risk. However, at a time when mindsets are, rightfully, focused on the well-being of ourselves, loved ones and others, we want to be sure the Fraternity’s fundraising efforts match the tone of the moment.

Beta, like other institutions and organizations, is taking this one day at a time. Our hope is to switch on the leaderboards and celebrate our brotherhood with all of you through the Giving Day Challenge as soon as possible. When that time comes, we hope you’ll still be celebrating along with us.

Check back here for further updates as Beta is closely monitoring the situation and will announce a new Challenge date as soon as possible.