Online classes and social distancing in light of the coronavirus leaving you in desperate need of a mental break?

 For the thousands of Betas doing their part to flatten the curve by staying indoors, the Fraternity wants to take you back to a simpler time – the days of homeroom, food fights and reading, writing and arithmetic. Welcome to Schoolhouse Knox!

Stay tuned here and to Beta's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter each week for fun new "lessons" designed to keep brothers stimulated, engaged and connected to their Beta roots. Together, we can continue to celebrate our brotherhood while doing our part to protect those who are most vulnerable.

Well, what are you waiting for? Watch a short welcome video from Super Troopers star and Colgate Beta Erik Stolhanske '91, then check out the growing list of lesson plans below. School is now in session!


School Spirit


Welcome to Schoolhouse Knox! There's lots to learn and plenty of fun to be had along the way, but for now, let's just amp up the school spirit a bit, shall we?

Since we're all spending an increased amount of time on our phones, tablets and computers in the name of social distancing, visit the links below for a gallery of 30+ wallpapers that will have your devices looking their very Beta best.


Abstract Collection
Heraldry Collection


Abstract Collection
Heraldry Collection


Abstract Collection
Heraldry Collection

1st Period
2nd Period
Physical education