Volunteer Resources
Volunteers play an important role in the fraternity as mentors, coaches, managers and trainers. Beta invests significantly in the training and support of volunteers at all levels of the organization.

  • Chapter advisors should visit Beta’s Online Learning Center to access position descriptions, operating calendars, best practices, and other lessons and resources. Contact Beta’s Administrative Office if you have difficulty logging in (800.800.BETA).
  • House corporation volunteers can find helpful resources on Beta’s housing page.
  • General Fraternity Officers should use the resources listed below, plus the lessons and resources at Beta’s Online Learning Center.

Are you a prospective volunteer, or do you know someone who would make a good volunteer? If so, please complete this Volunteer Referral Form.

General Fraternity Officer Resources
Assistant District Chief Position Orientation
District Chief Handbook
District Chief Position Orientation
GFO Expense Report Policies
GFO Operating Calendar
GFO Visit Report
Regional Chief Position Orientation
Volunteer Expense Report Form

GFO Resources for Advisor Recruitment
Advisor Recruitment Tracker – Sample
Capable & Committed Checklist
Chapter Introduction Email
Initial Meeting Agenda
Items to Cover When Making the Ask
New Advisor Appointment Email Template
Orientation Agenda & Checklist
Potential Advisor Introduction Email Template